Wall protection for futsal academy training court



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Futsal Club Podstrana

Účel použitia príspevku

Secure the walls of training court where daily 20-30 children are attending youth futsal academy.

O príjemcovi príspevku

Podstrana futsal club academy was recently (2 months ago) established due need for additional content for children of Podstrana. It is led by qualified (UEFA licensed) trainer and its main mission is to be a place where children can learn sports, positive habbits, teamwork and grow their social skills. Currently, in short period of time, we have 40 children (aged 7-15) enrolled and we are continuosly growing. Recently, we started funding campaign in order to buy protection for the walls that are surrounding training court in order to maximise safety of the court for the children. Our intention is to aquire thick (5cm) foam that will be installed on the walls (appx 100m2) and with that secure every child in case of fall near the wall. Since we are non profit organisation, we are dependent on donations of external support. THANKS!